Modular Kitchens

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Solid Wood Shutters are manufactured using solid wood such as Teakwood, Rubberwood, Steam Beech, White Ash, etc. of the finest quality. Our Classic ranges emphasis your kitchen outfit as modern day masterpiece. All our shutters will pass through several Quality checks to ensure only the best reaches you.

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Explore an exclusive range of Veneer Shutters from J STILO, which are ideal for modular kitchens. Our Veneer Shutters are manufactured using the highest quality Boards that are sourced from the most trusted industry vendors to give perfect contemporary look of your kitchen requirements. Made available after stringent quality checks, you take home uncompromised quality when you take home J STILO’s Veneer Shutters.

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Our Shutters provide a modern, lustrous and perfect look to your living spaces. Our Acrylic Shutters are manufactured using the highest quality boards with variety of designs and color options to suit your requirements. Designed to stand the modern time, these are resistant to wear & tear and scratches ensuring a beautiful finish.

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Give your clients that ultramodern look with J STILO’s P.U Coated Shutters. Our PU Shutters are manufactured using world-class boards to impress everyone with extremely smooth designs that are sure to take the breadth away. Enhance your spaces with quality and designs that gel beautifully to deliver interiors that exhibit an extremely rich and contemporary look.

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Welcome to our refreshing range of Lacquered Glass Shutters. Planilaque Evolution combines the attractive appearance of the lacquer with the clarity of glass. There are Eight shades in the range: four light colors, contrasting with four deep colors, including black.

The stylish, radiant colors of Planilaque Evolution co-ordinate well with natural materials such as wood, metal, stone etc. The composition of the lacquer used in Planilaque Evolution enables the glass, in all colors, to be used in damp and humidity rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, without additional protective backing.The lacquer is applied to the reverse side of the glasses that it is protected from damage and ensure that the colors are durable and bright. Offering excellent fitting, these Lacquered Glass shutters bring your interiors to life with vibrant, joyous colors that lend an overall cheerful look.

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Our Factory is fully equipped with Modern – German Machineries which delivers quality products to fulfill client’s aspiration on their dream Kitchen. We use REHAU edge band to provide quality finish. Machines provide the best quality finish in Four side Edge Bending Laminate Shutter which gives products the Stylish, Sleek and Strong. We Manufacture using the finest quality Products, make elegance an integral part of your interiors.

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